Me and Allan have a new project on the go.

We had a bit of success making music (Dub Reggae) around five years ago and then kind of gave up. We got where we had hoped to get to; we were having No1 hits on Beatport and playing gigs. It was fun – but I did not feel comfortable doing it.

We seemed to know our stuff, and it was fun. But we did not really cut the mustard.

So, we stopped.

Fast forward to the Pandemic, and we released a single as a new venture called AAMac. It was an IDM laid-back trip – Pec_23 was the name of the song, and you can’t get it anywhere nowadays. We learnt a lot with that release. Coming back to Earth with a bump.

But we are in the process of dusting off our dancing shoes and getting AAMac back up and running. AAMac is short for Allan and Andy and a Mac computer” – Allan named us. I like the name – it is angular and edgy, like an Autechre release or something from Analogue Bubblebath by AFX. It suits us.

I have spent a few days sorting the new website for us, as AAMac. You can see that at, and it is a good one – one I have popped into my web design portfolio as a result of the success I have had with it.

The site was to compliment the release of the first mix of 12 Months of AAMac” – a series of monthly DJ mixes that we will be putting out.

And, the January edition needs a bit of a celebration. I have reached No2 in the Bleep and Bass Chart on Mixcloud with it. It is quite high in the IDM Chart, too (22nd-ish) and this all bodes well for the future. I will certainly be paying a bit more attention when I make February’s Edition. So, here is the mix:


Andrew Backhouse is a Yorkshire-based artist working with time-based media and digital collage. He is a self-confessed radio geek and he hopes to share his wonder. He also wants to share his naivety and enthusiasm for finding something interesting. Henri Chopin, AGF, and RuPaul influence Andrew’s artistic enquiry. Documenting “The new shiny thing,” Andrew tries to share his excitement for it. But, he also asks about its authenticity and worth.

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