I am quite proud of jobs I have managed to tick off and have achieved today – proud to the point that I am blogging about it, here, on Backhou.se.

I managed to get two different cloud systems to syncronise and display a Movie Poster Library that is 3,500 images strong on my digital canvas, which is sat in my front room.

For US$20 I signed up to a live, cloud-based and curated library of Movie posters and it automatically syncronised with my Google Drive, via Gumroad eCommerce. This should not have ended well at all, my Digital Canvas is only accepting Apple Photos, and also subscriptions to various galleries as well. I was worried I had over commited.

What it boiled down to was that I had a folder on my Google Drive that could not be moved and I needed to make the images appear on a canvas that exclusively handled iOS for third party photos. I found MultCloud and it is in the process of synchronising my folder of Curated Movie Posters on Google Drive to a photo album I had made earlier called “Movie Posters” in Apple Photos

This may seem dull – okay, very dull – but it is a bit of a triumph for me – small steps to start off with when taking on a bigger problem. The Apple Photos library (that is being filled up with the movie Posters from Google Drive) is synchronising with, and displaying on the Digital Canvas – I managed to get different pieces of technology to work, it is a good feeling and I take pride in this.

Tomorrow sees me and Kathryn heading up to Hackforth to see The Olds. Alison is there with her awesome dog and I am looking forward to a bit of a break, even if it is just for a meal.

I aim to take my GRiii there and try something tip-top secret. If it works out I will share it, if it doesn’t, chances are I will return to this post and delete or score out this paragraph.

Say ‘hi’ to Mum, for me. x


Andrew Backhouse is a Yorkshire-based artist working with time-based media and digital collage. He is a self-confessed radio geek and he hopes to share his wonder. He also wants to share his naivety and enthusiasm for finding something interesting. Henri Chopin, AGF, and RuPaul influence Andrew’s artistic enquiry. Documenting “The new shiny thing,” Andrew tries to share his excitement for it. But, he also asks about its authenticity and worth.

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